The Top 6 Movie Streaming Services By User Base

The days of having to rely on TVs, Cinemas or even buying expensive movie DVDs for you to watch your favourite movies are long gone. This is all thanks to the availability of movie streaming services that are offering streaming movies to users right in their mobile devices. Nowadays if you got a smartphone you can easily stream your favourite movies right on it even when you are on the go! While most of the movies streaming services are paid, free options are also available out there. Now, there are lots of online movie streaming service providers available although there those that pack better features than others.

In this article, we take through the top 6 movie streaming services by user base:

  1. Netflix – this is widely known all over the world as the best and most popular movie and TV streaming service on the Internet. This one offers an excellent selection of movies, TV shows, as well as original programming of popular TV programs. It features a user-friendly interface that’s well optimized. It provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, comedy specials, movies, etc. On the flipside, though it costs more to enjoy these services as it is the most expensive service on this list.
  2. Hulu – Hulu is yet another great movie streaming online service provider that lets the user keep tabs on current and latest TV shows. It offers the user the advantage of watching TV shows all in their mobile devices without the need of investing cable TV subscription. It will offer you access to most of the major network shows as well as a number of cable TV shows a day after their release on air. To keep enjoying the services that Hulu offers you will need to pay monthly service fee which will cost a fraction compared to what Netflix charges.
  3. Amazon Video – Amazon video offers a wide selection of content to its users including original programming, amazing TV shows, and movies. It offers the best children programs compared to any other service on this list. So, if you are a parent perhaps you won’t mind considering Amazon Video. Users have two payment options;they can pay monthly fees or annual fees for them to keep on enjoying the service.
  4. PlayStation Vue – If you are an enthusiast of cable TV program offering then PlayStation Vue might just be the best bet. It has loads of multi-channel live TV setup for users to choose from. There are up to four different packages available for subscribers to choose from all these can be found on the platform.
  5. HBO – HBO is an award-winning movie streaming service that allows its users to access top-tier movies. Although it is a little pricier than most other online movie streaming services, it packs lots of impressive features you can’t resist.
  6. Twitch – It is the most popular game-broadcasting service you will find online. It offers thousands of video streams at any given time and the task is just for the user to choose the kind of videos they wish to watch. With it, you can watch live eSports broadcasts of the league of legends.

5 Best Book Reading Apps For Android To Use in 2019

Spend your idle time endearing with the hottest books, magazines, comics, and stories with our picks of eBooks Apps for Android devices.

We all splurge our day with our mobiles and iPads. Whether you are at home, office or outside you can anytime enjoy reading interesting chapters on your phone or tablet. If you also believe in saving trees this is a good move to spare trees by turning into an eBook reader. One more thing to attract you towards these apps is they are free to avail. However, if you look for premium books they are available at discounted rates.

These Book Reading Apps collections include popular applications exclusively for Android and Apple devices. Hence, you can download them via Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively.

Amazon Kindle:

Why waste money on buying a Kindle when you can gain them on your phone itself. Use the free Amazon Kindle App on your Android or iOS.

Hot Selling books, periodicals, novels or textbook everything can be discovered via Amazon Kindle. Start reading and discuss it over a cup of coffee with your mates. It bestows readers with free sample eBooks, if you like it you can purchase it further. If you are an existing member of Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited you can access it directly in the app.

You can borrow local library books and customize fonts, font style, brightness, and color. Highlight the pages you like and add them in favorites segment. Confused on a word? On Page, Translation is there to clearly define it.


One of the most popular online book reading apps is the Nook. It is a smart choice which is a proud app of four million users across the globe. Its gallery is filled with eBooks, graphics, novels, comics, and magazines. Among which one million books are free. The paid ones offer samples for free. For two weeks you can read newspapers and magazines with no fee.

You can change fonts, style, and brightness as per daytime. If you are stuck on a word download an in-app dictionary and double tap on the word. Screen magnification over VoiceOver is a blessing for people with low vision, do try.


Wattpad is also a free app with romantic, mystery, comedy, thriller, fantasy, and adventure and fiction stories. You will get renowned authors like Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood etc books and stories on this app.

If you think you write well, share it with the Wattpad community. Being a Wattpad premium reader read the entire books and magazines ad-free with new features.


A plethora of award-winning books and magazines and novels can be comprehended in the Scribd app. It will cost you $8.99 per month to read the Editors choice, personal recommendations, and latest picks. Either read online or download them to enjoy later (offline).

Google Play Books:

Google Play Books is an exclusive app from Google that is free of charge. Here you can enjoy millions of recommended books and magazines via Google Play. Go through free samples and then buy it. Read them online or offline after downloading.

Breathing life into books is easy with the Bubble Zoom app that takes notes synced with Google Drive so that you get freedom of sharing. The Night light setting helps you to read until you sleep.

Final Thoughts:

So these were the 5 Best Book Reading Apps For Android of 2019. Hope you were a book worm is satiated with all the listed apps in this tutorial. I am a book addicted person who loves fiction, thriller and dramatic novels. What you guys are up to?